Refresh Your Hairstyle

Jan 22, 2023 | Advice | 0 comments

The new year often signifies a fresh start – a chance to begin again and change things up to do things differently than the year prior. While you might be making resolutions to eat healthier, stress less or make more time for family and friends, it’s also a great time to refresh your hairstyle for 2023!

Making a change to your hairstyle can range from dramatic to subtle – however, even a small change can make a big difference in how you look and feel. Check out some of our favorite ways to change up your style for the new year.

Add Bangs

Bangs have made a big comeback in recent years and are a simple way to create a whole new look! Whether you opt for long, face-framing bangs or the newest trend, baby bangs, this small change can make a major impact on your look. Bangs are also a great option for those who might not want to make a more permanent change as you can always grow them out or pin them back.

Experiment with Color

If you’re looking to add a “wow factor” to your style for 2023, consider adding color to your ‘do. Bright, fashion-forward colors have become increasingly popular over the last year, with clients opting to add red, green, blue and purple hues to hair. There are many ways to incorporate these fun colors into your hairstyle – try thick, bold highlights or add underneath the top layers of your hair for a fun peekaboo effect.

You can also go more subtle with color, including soft highlights or lowlights that will create dimension and instantly brighten your tresses. 

Switch up Your Part

This option requires no cut or color, just a comb! For a quick hairstyle switch, change up where you part your hair. If you typically part on the side, part it on the opposite side or try a middle part. You’ll be surprised how much this shift can change your entire look.

Add Layers

Adding layers is a fun and easy way to change up your look! This is an easy way to refresh your current style, especially if you have mid-to-long hair. Layers work well for both thin and thicker hair as they help remove weight, create movement, add volume and texture. 

Go Short – or Long!

If you’re after a dramatic makeover to jump start 2023, length is the best way to achieve an entirely new look and feel for a show stopping moment. If you have long hair – chop it all off with a bob or pixie cut. If your hair is short, consider adding in long, lush extensions.