Hairstyling advice from the experts at Alline Salon Group.

Brunette Hair Color Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Gone are the days when brunettes were confined to a single shade of brown. Today, there's a spectrum of tones and techniques available to enhance and elevate brunette hair, ensuring it shines just as brightly as any rainbow-hued mane. From warm chestnuts to cool chocolates, and everything in between, the options are endless.

Tips for New Stylists

Starting a career as a new stylist can be exciting and challenging. We've outlined a few tips for ensuring your first year on the job is the best it can be.

Treating Dry Scalp

Dealing with a dry scalp can be an uncomfortable experience that not only affects your hair health but also your sense of confidence. The good news is that there are effective ways to treat and prevent dry scalp, restore balance to your scalp and give you the relief you need.