Hairstyling advice from the experts at Alline Salon Group.

Foods for Healthy Hair Growth

Check out our list of foods to incorporate into your diet to promote healthy hair growth. Keep your locks strong and healthy, naturally!

Refresh Your Hairstyle 2023

Refresh Your Hairstyle

Looking to refresh your hairstyle for 2023? Check out some of our favorite ideas to create a new look for the new year.

Hair trends for 2023

We're looking forward to the new hair trends for 2023. Check out some of our favorites, most of which give a subtle nod to the nineties!

Alline Salon Group - A Salon Employer of Choice

A Salon Employer of Choice

At Alline Salon Group, we take the stylist career path seriously—everything from the employee experience to the interview process, onboarding, the first week on the job and more. Learn more about what makes Alline Salon Group the salon employer of choice.