No-fuss hairstyles

Mar 17, 2021 | Advice | 0 comments

Working from home? Try these easy-to-manage hairstyles for a no-fuss, professional look.

While much of the workforce is now working remotely, many are embracing a more casual dress code. However, despite this more relaxed environment, maintaining an easy, professional look can go a long way in helping you feel productive and put together for virtual meetings. The easiest way to keep your hair looking its best is with regular haircuts, trims and color treatments. Additionally, try out these no-fuss hairstyles ideal for work-from-home professionals.


An easy way to add an extra touch to your ‘do is by accessorizing. With all of the cute hair accessories out there, you’re bound to find a few that fit for your particular hair and style. Grab a few styled bobby pins or clips and secure strands away from your face. You can also use a trendy headband or colorful hair scarf, especially if roots are starting to peek through.


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Easy Waves

If you have a few extra minutes in the morning, grab your straighter to create some glamorous waves. This no-fuss hairstyle is effortless for busy mornings! Begin by grabbing a section of hair and flip your flat iron away from your face, then slowly glide down the strand. Next, unclamp the straightener to reveal a slight curl that can be combed out for a more relaxed look.


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Braided Top Knot

Top knots are a great option for working women with long hair. Upgrade this classic look by braiding your ponytail before securing it with bobby pins into a bun. To achieve the effortless look, loosen the braid and pull out a few face-framing pieces to finish it off.


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Side-Swept Braid

Give your traditional braid a twist with a side-swept style. Start a French braid on the right side of your head and braid horizontally as you make your way to the left side. When you are near your left ear, you can finish braiding regularly and secure with an elastic band.


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Half-Up French Twist

Create a chic, no-fuss hairstyle in no time with a half-up french twist. Separate your hair at the crown area and tease. Then, smooth the hair and secure the top section. Next, pull the sections from the front, twist toward the back and secure on the top of the previously inserted pins to cover.


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As always, keep your hair healthy with regular haircuts and color treatments. Schedule an appointment at one of our salons today!