Hair trends for 2023

Dec 8, 2022 | Advice | 0 comments

It’s the time of year when we talk all things hair trends for 2023! Much like the fashion trends for the past year, we’re seeing reimagined takes on classic nineties cuts like the Rachel, mullet, pixie and even baby bangs! So grab your walkman, put on your Birkenstock’s and get ready to rock one of these signature looks.

The Octopus

Named for a style that creates a more rounded, fuller top, with thin shaggy pieces at the bottom, the Octopus has similarities to the shag, with more dimension, layers and fringe. This edgy style works best on straight or wavy hair, and is considered a modern take on The Rachel, the iconic cut made popular by Jennifer Aniston during her Friends days.

Abby Freund - Cost Cutters Stylist

The Undercut

Another nineties throwback, an undercut is a buzzed section of hair at the nape of the neck and sides of the head that removes excess bulk from hair. While this style is edgy enough on its own, we love adding a cut-in design for an extra element of personality.

The Mixie

A hybrid cut of the pixie and mullet, the Mixie is short all over, while leaving a few inches of hair at the base of the neck give a subtle mullet look and feel. This cut works on almost all hair types, and is one of our favorite hair trends for 2023.

Baby Bangs

Drew Barrymore made baby bangs a thing in the mid nineties, which perfectly complemented her signature “flower-power” style. This cut is back in full force for 2023, with people ditching long, face-framing fringe bangs that have been popular over last few seasons. Baby bangs work with any length hair – from mixie-short to ultra-long.

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