Cost Cutters Stylist: Diavian Simmons

Dec 1, 2023 | Advice, News | 0 comments

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Even though Cost Cutters stylist Diavian Simmons hasn’t been in the industry that long, she’s already making major moves with her managers, colleagues, and clients.

“Diavian is an exceptional stylist with a wide array of expertise. She is highly motivated, loves to stay busy, and is always willing to grow her craft and clientele,” said her Territory Leader Lee Gorman. “Diavian has been a great addition to the Holland Cost Cutters family since she started just a little over three years ago!”

Diavian remembers doing hair as some of her earliest memories – her dolls, friends, and family serving as her first clients. She knew instinctively that she had a passion for doing hair, and that it was something she would continue to do for years to come. After graduating from Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School in Ohio, Diavian found her way to the Cost Cutters in Holland, where she currently works.

“I really just love making people happy,” she said. “I get so much joy in seeing my clients feel good about themselves – some even take selfies right after I’m finished styling their hair!”

Diavian has already built a loyal clientele, with many coming to her for locks, dreads, braids, and twists, as well as her talent in working with natural hair. While she most enjoys these services, she also loves the diversity in the salon’s customer base. “I love working on all types of hair,” she said.

Diavian always keeps her look fresh and changes her hair color at least once a month – much to the enjoyment and surprise of her clients and colleagues! In her spare time, Diavian enjoys spending time at the gym and doing hair for her friends and family – even on her days off.

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