Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

May 27, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Healthy Summer Hair
As summer inches closer, you will likely spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. While you might protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, you may not consider changing habits to keep your hair healthy in the summer months. Check out our helpful tips for protecting your hair and getting it in its best shape for a summer filled with sun and fun!

Condition your hair

Using a conditioner is always important, but especially in the summer! Conditioning smooths your hair’s cuticle layer by leaving a protective layer on top of each strand. This protective layer shields your hair from the environment and protects it against damage from hot temperatures. It also adds body to your hair and creates a healthy, smooth, shine. For an even deeper treatment, use a conditioning hair mask or leave-in conditioner that provides extra moisture to protect hair and eliminate frizz.  

Protect from UV rays

Believe it or not, your skin isn’t the only thing that can absorb harmful UV rays. Hair is also prone to damage and can dry out from too much sun exposure. Lipid damage, internal damage, and color damage are all possible if you don’t take the proper steps to protect your hair. Luckily, there are a variety of hair care products specifically formulated with SPF to protect your hair. Look for products that are sun-protection specific – these are typically offered in powders, creams or oils. Additionally, you can also opt to use physical barriers such as a scarf or hat for extra precaution.   

Wash less often 

Although you might be tempted to wash your hair more often in the warmer months, it is actually beneficial to extend the time between washing. Washing your hair too much strips strands of natural oils, which can lead to dry, flaky scalp. If you happen to have oily hair that needs to be washed more regularly, use a mild shampoo to keep the drying out to a minimum.   

 Avoid swimmer’s hair 

If you like to swim, you’ve most likely suffered from swimmers’ hair. This means that your hair could be dry, damaged, and possibly discolored from exposure to the ocean or chemicals found in pools. This happens because hair naturally absorbs water, so when you’re in chlorinated or salty water, drying out is common. You can minimize damage by rinsing your hair with cool water or applying a hair mask before swimming. As your hair absorbs the cool water or hair treatments, less salt and chemicals get in.  

Get a trim

In the dry summer months, your ends will be more likely to split. Regularly trimming your split ends will help maintain shape and promote shiny, untangled hair. Plus, getting rid of some extra weight is great for the hot summer. Be sure to book your appointment at one of our salons near you!

Now that you know how to keep your hair healthy and looking its best all summer long, by all means, go out and enjoy the warm weather! Book an appointment for a treatment, color service, or haircut with us to get your hair ready for your best summer yet. 

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