Ohio Cost Cutters Stylist: Jesse Reed

Apr 14, 2023 | News, Stylist Highlights | 0 comments

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Ohio Cost Cutters stylist Jesse Reed always knew he wanted to be a hairstylist, even by age 3! His very first “styling” experience took place during middle school. While Jesse’s mother wasn’t home, he mixed all of her at-home color kits into a single bowl and dyed his own hair a bright blonde! From then on, he had laser focus on making hairstyling his forever career.

After completing a technical program during high school, Jesse started working for a Smart Styles salon immediately after graduation. He also spent some time working at a private salon, but quickly realized it wasn’t for him. “I really enjoy the structure and benefits that Alline Salon Group provides,” he said. “Everything that we get working here you don’t get at a private salon, such as paid time off, great benefits, and access to continued education.”

Jesse is an avid team player and goes above and beyond for his colleagues, the salon, and its customers. Alline leadership has noted how, “He comes in on Sundays before his shift to deep clean the salon and decorate it. He is always dependable and eager to help.”

As part of his work, Jesse particularly enjoys being able to touch the lives of his clients and see them get a little pep in their step when they leave the salon. One of his most memorable experiences was providing a cut and color for a nun, who he said he brought to “happy tears.”

“She had been sick with COVID and hadn’t been feeling herself from the lack of interaction with people,” Jesse said. “To see her smile and feel good about herself again was priceless – she thanked me for being kind to her and that just made my day.”

Keeping up with current cut, color, and style trends is a passion for Jesse, and he most enjoys mullet cuts, spiral-style perms, and babylights as some of the most requested styles from customers. He would advise young stylists and those entering the field to practice patience. He often sees stylists who are just starting out get frustrated and quit the industry because they don’t feel their clientele pay or respect them quick enough. “Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time in this industry – but the more time you spend in it, the bigger the rewards,” he said. “You have to build your clientele, earn the respect of your customers, and hone your craft. The rest will come, and it’s worth it.”

When he’s not behind the chair, you’ll find Jesse cooking in the kitchen or honing his gaming skills!