Holiday Hair Stylist: Linda Whaley

Aug 1, 2023 | News, Stylist Highlights | 0 comments

Holiday Hair Stylist Janay Kendall

Holiday Hair stylist Linda Whaley views her job and relationships with customers as much more than hair stylist and client. “The people I work with and all of my customers are my family,” she said. “I would do anything for them and we’re  always making each other laugh, cry and everything in between!” 

Linda began her career as a stylist in 1987. As a teenager she knew she wanted to do hair, especially after watching her cousin, who is also a stylist. After cosmetology school Linda began working at a private salon, and moved around until she found her home at the Holiday Hair in Williamsport where she has worked for the past 24 years.

“Linda has exceptional customer service skills and is always the first to help others when needed. She is an Alline Top 20 Stylist month after month, and recently earned a golden ticket in the Alline Aspire Trip contest for her top performance,” said Marsha Duman, Linda’s Territory Leader.

Linda most enjoys performing color and highlight services for her customers, and prides herself on working quickly. She always wants to make sure her customers leave her chair with a smile on their face, feeling better than when they walked in. She enjoys working for Alline Salon Group, and makes it a point to not only stay motivated, but to hit her own sales goals each month. 

As a seasoned stylist, she would advise younger stylists or those just starting out to always ask for help and understand that most growth will be learned on the salon floor. She is always open to assisting new stylists in her salon, and providing them with tips and education whenever possible. 

When she’s not working, Linda enjoys spending time at home and relaxing with her two dogs, Lila and Lickey.