Holiday Hair Stylist: Emily Davis

May 3, 2023 | News, Stylist Highlights | 0 comments

Holiday Hair Stylist Janay Kendall

Holiday Hair stylist Emily Davis truly loves what she does – and it shows! Nominated as May’s stylist feature, Emily’s leadership noted that not only is she a great example of being “all in” for her clients, but that she is reliable, dedicated, and motivated. In fact, Emily’s skills are helping to promote and increase salon sales.

Emily has always had a passion for beauty and fashion and started taking classes at the Career Institute of Technology in her hometown. Now working at Holiday Hair in Palmer Township, Pennsylvania, Emily was recently promoted to be an Assistant Salon Leader, where she is leaning into her new role!

“I enjoy serving as a leader for my coworkers,” she said. “I try to encourage them to always be learning, not only about the services they provide but about product recommendations. It’s also important to always create a positive client experience and make sure customers feel good leaving the salon.”

Emily’s favorite part of the job is seeing the emotion on her customers’ faces when she is done with their services. She recalls a recent experience with a client who came in for a cut and highlight service. This client had never had anything other than a trim done to her hair, so this was a major overhaul. Emily was excited to provide an exceptional experience for this first-time customer. “Once we were done, she was ecstatic with the results. She told me she can’t wait to come back and also tell her friends to come see me!”

Her leadership boasts that “Emily believes in giving all of her clients a great experience every time they visit the salon.” “She always comes to the salon to be the best she can be.”

When she’s not at the salon, Emily enjoys taking aerial classes and spending time with her 4-month-old son, Kaldur’ahm.