Cost Cutters Stylist: Abby Freund

Nov 3, 2022 | Stylist Highlights | 0 comments

Abby Freund - Cost Cutters Stylist

Even though our November Stylist, Abby Freund, has only been working at the Cost Cutters in Pittsburg, PA for a little over four years, she has already made a big impact.

“Abby is a great asset to our salon,” said Maureen McIntyre, Abby’s salon leader. “Very quickly she has developed into a wonderful hairstylist and provides amazing customer service to her guests. She goes above and beyond to help with the shop order, schedules, and anything else she can do to lend a hand.”

Abby always knew she wanted to be a stylist, and what’s more, that she wanted to work at the very Cost Cutters where her family has been long-time customers. After graduating from Empire Beauty School, she passed the state boards on the first try and started working at Cost Cutters a week later.

“I met Abby in Empire Beauty School, and she made it clear that she planned on working in our salon as her family had been coming here for years. It has been a joy watching her grow into a talented stylist who is focused on a lasting career,” said Lisa Haller, Alline Salon Group Region Leader.

Abby most enjoys the people she gets to meet as part of her job and helping them look and feel their very best. She remembers an especially important appointment with one of her customers who brought her granddaughter in for a haircut, who identifies as transgender. “When I met her and asked her which pronouns she preferred, she got the biggest smile on her face,” said Abby. “I was so happy that I was able to make her feel welcome and comfortable and gave her a cut that made her feel special.”

She also credits her Salon Leader, Maureen, with teaching her how to do signature styles that weren’t taught in beauty school, including rollers, perms, and hot sets. Knowing these techniques has allowed her to take on more clientele who prefer these more traditional styles. Abby said she loves working at a place where open communication is not only welcomed but encouraged.

In her spare time, Abby enjoys reading and playing with her pet rabbit, Shadow. To book an appointment with Abby, click here.