All in on Accountability

Jun 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments

All in on Accountability

This month our Chief People Officer, Torrey Adragna, addresses the meaning of accountability at Alline Salon Group and how it’s tied to our core values.

Every day at Alline Salon Group, we see and hear the moniker, “We are ALL IN.”  The best thing about those words is that they represent much more than an expression.  They are what sets us apart from any other organization.  It is our commitment, attitude, dedication, and unrelenting pursuit of being the Best! Those intrinsic qualities set the stage for creating core values that simply state who we are, ALL IN to be the Best (for ourselves), For each other and for our clients.  With those values, comes great responsibility.

When we break down each level of our core values, one quality clearly emerges, accountability! We cannot possibly achieve our highest potential for ourselves, each other, nor our clients, without holding ourselves accountable.

Personal accountability is perhaps the easiest level of accountability, but the most essential to achieve higher levels of performance.  Accountability is very closely aligned with responsibility. You cannot achieve one without the other. Demonstrating your mastery of being punctual, cooperative, engaged, responsive, prepared, timely, reliable, motivated, relentless, and dedicated are all qualities of personal accountability. These qualities promote mutual respect and workplace harmony. We see this every day in our high performing culture and in our best salons.  We never settle and constantly evolve our goals and expectations with every moment of success. Once we have mastered personal accountability, we can ascend to the next level of our values.

Being accountable to your team is a higher level of responsibility. This is the opportunity to achieve mutual trust and respect. Every great team member, leader, and partner understands that respect is earned and not given. We “earn” that trust and respect by our actions that fulfill our commitments. It is by pushing each other to get better and picking each other up when the world presents us with challenges.  Those are the opportunities that allow for growth in confidence and teamwork.  The “best” thrive on challenge and adversity and celebrate the opportunities to overcome them. At Alline, we are accountable to and All IN for each other!

Because we have the trust in ourselves and each other we are able to operate at the highest level of accountability, extending that passion to our clients. We are a team focused on servicing and caring for our clients. We know that we deliver an incredible guest experience that, in many cases, can be life changing.  Whether is it delivering a look that has been requested, taking the time to listen while improving how someone sees themselves in the mirror, or forming a bond with our clients, we take the quality of our client experiences seriously. Haircuts are a commodity. What makes Alline unique is our accountability to our people, culture, and our clients!

The words ALL IN, carry tremendous meaning to our teams.  But they are only words. Alline’s most successful team members are those that embrace these words as a way of life—that live and breathe them–that demonstrate them by example—that impart them to others.

Remember, to be the best, we must constantly evolve.  We must execute personal responsibility by identifying areas to improve and leveraging our strengths to overcome those ever-evolving dynamics in business. Cross-functional accountability, in all its layers, allows each of us the best kind of support to achieve greatness.

All In to be accountable to ourselves, each other, and our clients.